​​Botswana Success Story: Vanity Mafule, Assistant Director of the Food Relief Service at Botswana's Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development attended the SHN course in Kilifi, Kenya in 2012. Here she describes how the course aided her understanding on ensuring nutritious foods are used in Botswana school meals. Read the story.

Gambia Success Story: Since 2007 course participants from The Gambia, comprising representatives from ministries of health and education have attended the SHN courses. Amicoleh Mbaye, Director of Basic and Secondary Education in the Gambia, explains the impact of the course on the country’s school based deworming programme. Read the story.

Ghana Success Story: Ellen Mensah, Former Director, School Health and Education Programme (SHEP), Government of Ghana and colleagues worked on the development of Ghana's SHEP Policy during 2009/10 courses and in years following, the policy integrated the Focusing Resources on Effective School Health (FRESH) Framework into all aspects of SHEP delivery. Read the story

Ghana Success Story: In 2011 Susan Torson from Ghana's HGSF programme ​ (GSFP) attended the SHN Course where she learnt more on the value of multi-sectoral collaboration, the impact on creating a nutritious school meals ration, and the value of developing Ghana's School Health Policy. Read the story.  

Ghana Success Story: In 2007 Ellen Gyeke was encouraged to attend the SHN course by Ghana's School Health and Education Programme Unit's director, who had attended the training the previous year. In 2009 she attended the course for a second time. The lessons she learnt have helped improve the eduction, health and nutrition of millions of Ghanaian school children. Read the story.  

Kenya Success Story: Eldah Onsomu and her colleagues from the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis attended the SHN course where she met with the Partnership for Child Development (PCD) team and discussed how to address HIV/AIDS challenges such as related school absenteeism in Kenya. She describes how follow up training provided by PCD assisted in addressing these challenges. Read the story.  ​

Malawi Success Story: Charles F. Mazinga, Deputy Director for the Department of School Health and Nutrition and HIV, Ministry of Education, Malawi explains how the FRESH Framework​ helped Malawi SHN policy and programme makers understand the value of having a comprehensive school health and nutrition policy in place to address key challenges Malawi experienced in school health. ​Read the story

Mali Success Story: Mali's National Centre for School Canteens (CNCS) participated on the inaugural SHN Course held in Senegal in 2013​​. Zalia Maïga Touré, Director of the CNCS explains how lessons learnt encouraged the centre's functioning such as improving financial procedures. Read the story.  

Ogun State, Nigeria Success Story: Mr Serifat Omobolanle Aminu was one of three representatives from Ogun State, Nigeria's Ministry of Health who attended the 2012 SHN Course. Lessons taught on the value of multi-sectoral collaboration impacted on the establishment of a SHN technical working group within Ogun State Government which effectively acted as a coordinating center to strengthen SHN delivery within the State. Read the story.  

Nigeria's Success Story: From 2007 to 2011 representatives from Nigeria's Federal Government attended the SHN course. Dada Jide Joseph from Nigeria's Federal Ministry of Education who attended the course in 2007 and advocated lessons taught to Federal Government policy makers which impacted on strengthening SHN delivery at federal level. Read the story

Zambia Success Story: Kennedy Sipituma, Senior Statistical Officer from Zambia's Ministry of Health attended the SHN course and recommended his colleagues from national, provincial and district levels who then attended from 2005 – 2012. Kennedy reflects on the lessons Zambia have learnt to strengthen its SHN programmes. Read the story